Sunday, March 10, 2013

Natural Dyed Eggs For Ostara

I found a good website with some more direct/exact recipes.  I've had really good luck with turmeric and red cabbage in the past.  I always like to experiment with one other spice or veggie to see what color it makes.
  The only thing is, I am uncertain that you won't get more color by actually simmering the spices/veggies etc. for longer before letting the egg sit in there.  Someone will have to tell me how this person's method works vs. simmering the colorants for 15 min. or so.  I will probably simmer as usual, just to make sure I get the most vibrant color.
  I usually make the colors I know will turn out, plus one I haven't tried before to see what the color will be--I like the surprise.
  Another note, a few years the red cabbage color has not stuck properly to the egg. I suspect a residual pesticide or something is not allowing the color to stick. Does anyone know anything about this?
If you haven't used red cabbage before, you will be pleasantly surprise by the beautiful color.
Here's a link below to

some natural colorants and what colors they actually produce

 You could use regular store-bought dyes, but where's the surprise or mystery in that?

So an update on this years' egg dyes.  I really feel you need to simmer the spices/veggies etc. for quite awhile to get the color out.  We tried the method described in the link above, where you just pour boiling water over it and it did not produce sufficient color, especially for the robin egg blue that red cabbage produces.  A good green color continued to elude us this year and I concluded that the turmeric is very over-powering, I think the green is possible combining red cabbage and turmeric, but you will have to add a lot of blue and a pinch of yellow (the "green" eggs where we mixed the two colors mostly turned out yellow, in case you couldn't guess.).

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