Saturday, July 14, 2012

What do Dust Bowls, Moving and Reusing Have In Common?

It's been weeks, so here is some rambling.  Maybe you can make sense of it.
Well, it seems forever since I've posted anything.  Moving, particularly when moving again in short order in some unknown but close period of time, kinda sucks.  But you all probably know that. 
  Our son apparently is having trouble adjusting, and his world is rattled by the new concept that his Daddy, and thus anyone else he likes, can leave him at any time, for weeks or worse.  I am no longer allowed to leave his sight for more than mere seconds at a time.  He may  not be traumatized for life, but he is certainly traumatized right now.  I know this whole ordeal is making me feel traumatized...
    I am trying to bring some sort of normalcy to his life, but global warming is making that difficult.  Sometimes I want to pray for leiniency  from the Goddess, and I usually don't, because I don't think anything short of food shortages or dust bowl, will get anyone to pay attention.  I fear we are getting close to the latter here in the midwest.  I am not sure how much longer these temps can go on with no rain without more dire consequences.  Add that to the fact that people have systematically removed every tiny bit of tree line that was left in the past few years and we have some real dust bowl possibility.  It makes me feel like screaming.
  Getting our boy out in this heat, even in the water, can be too hot.
I  know, your little violin is playing just for us.  I'm not really trying to be dramatic, just writing what I am living and observing.  I'll try to post something more positive in the next few posts to make up for it! Promise!
   I can't think of anything direct to do about the upcoming famine and dust bowl, except to say keep eating your cheese-burgers so you can outlive the skinny-folk, assuming you can find water; BUT, I would like to mention something about recycling while we're on the tree-hugging track.
   Recycling keeps things out the land-fill, but other than that, it is a HUGE waste of resources and creates even more pollution.  Did you know that? I had never thought about it before.  Paper recycling can be a real bad one, as they use bleach to get the paper white again.  Goddess only knows why we can't use hemp that would be easily renewable within a season unlike trees!!! Political/greed/bullshit.  In any case, people used to just reuse things.  Milk was delivered in glass bottles, then picked up, steralized, used again.  This is not as viable now since glass is so heavy to transport, but there are plenty of other things you can re-use.  Those grocery bags are one.  And plastic grocery bags are nasssty.  They get everywhere and clog everything.  Unlike "American Beauty" I cannot find anything spiritual or beautiful about those things.  Give me leaves blowing around any day.  Maybe I am just not enlightend enough.
  What do you re-use? Any thoughts?