Thursday, July 25, 2013

Post Weaning Problems

  So if you go online and look for problems post-weaning you are likely to come up with something like depression and/or mood swings.  What you won't see is all the other stuff some of us (many of us?) experience that is not recorded and has not been studied.
  Since I weaned gradually I did not have some of the symptoms you might expect (severe breast pain, engorgement, mastitis, fever etc.).  But about a week out I started having migraines, dizziness, nausea, bloating, feeling faint.  The migraines hit one day after another for over a week as my hormones adjusted.  I feel relatively normal now about three weeks later.
  When I did a little online research I got basically nothing until I found a mom forum.  The mom's were all talking about how after they weaned they basically felt pregnant again for a few weeks.  They too, could find no information about it.  About three weeks out now, I am having candida problems and have had to cut out sugar and start on a routine of coconut oil, pao de arco, and garlic.     
     Like many things regarding our reproductive organs or hormones, our culture has largely ignored these important parts of our lives, leaving us with little information with which to help ourselves.  I was completely incensed when I read Tony Weschler's book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" and found that girls were being prescribed antibiotics for perfectly normal vaginal fluid, it seems even the doctors can be misinformed about our own sexual organs,what they produce and how they behave.  It is up to us to be informed, and to inform our children so that they can avoid these health "pitfalls".
  I took pain killers that week for my head, and munched on ginger and sucked on lemonheads (my pregnancy nausea helper) and root beer candies.  Several times that week, my husband came home and took over childcare for the rest of the evening, while I either slept or just laid down, physically unable to do anything else (those of you with migraines can empathize/sympathize).  I am feeling better this week, but it is clear that my hormones have much adjusting to do, and I need to treat myself tenderly, eating healthy, taking supplements and getting lots of sleep while my body gets back to business as usual.

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