Thursday, March 28, 2013

Herbal Nervine Part 3

Okay, so my package finally arrived and I've been experimenting.  Still haven't managed to steep valerian root for the 24 hours in tepid water, but I have learned to heat water to almost boiling and steep for about a half hour and that seems to work well.
  I have to admit, valerian seems to work for me, but not in the way I have come to expect from western meds.
It won't knock me out, but I do manage to sleep anyway and it seems more restful.
  I bought a tincture of California Poppy I keep with me for emergencies or when I don't have time to brew anything, that seems to work well, seems to make my head hurt a little, but still calms me down.  All of them make me a little light sensitive and sleepy, but I am that on a good day anyway.
  Valerian also works well to calm me during the day.
Okay, there's the update I need to get going!

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