Thursday, May 9, 2013

Beltane 2013

Another rainy day here.  I had a hunch this year might bring floods. 
  Beltane was nice, but spitting rain and cold.  We had a lovely enclosed shelter though, and a fire, despite wet wood, thanks to one of our very fire-saavy covenmates.  Left us thinking again about timing, and feeling like things were still too early.  The Hawthorne is definitely not blooming here (well maybe now, but not last weekend).  We thought about moving the date later, but complications with schedules came up and it was not possible.  Ritual was moving and meaningful despite all the roadblocks and distractions of the day.  I can only say it was the will of the Divine.
  We discovered that the Maypole isn't something to bother with unless you have plenty of adults to play with it.  Kids would have to rehearse far in advance, and many are just simply too little unless you want a tangled mess.  I've done the maypole with adults in 2009, with no practice, and it turned out great, so I know this is possible, just not with kids unfortunately! Lesson learned.

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