Monday, September 9, 2013

What's In Your Food?

  Just when you thought sugar couldn't be any worse for you...Introducing GMO Sugar!
I never heard until now that we have been growing GMO sugar beets.  Apparently that "natural" Pepsi with sugar is actually sugar from GMO beets.  Gets me to wondering what else it is in.  I would assume anything that doesn't directly say "cane sugar" could contain it.  The Organic Consumer Association has been reporting about a study done on hogs eating GMO corn ( )--it is apparently wrecking their guts. Honestly, we just don't know what this stuff does to people. 

  So anyhow, farmer's markets, CSA's etc. are my friends.  I just read a book "Gaining Ground" by Forrest Pritchard, which gave me some hope for the future.  He turned around his family farm, turned it organic, direct marketed, and now his farm is actually profitable and is able to support his whole family, mom, sister, etc.  I have to admit to being a bit lazy (until recently) about going out of my way to get the good food, but seriously, what I eat makes a huge difference in my health.  After years of having kitties around, even my mom has had to admit that whether or not she got decent, more expensive cat food vs. generic ash-filled varieties made the difference of several years of life (and more productive life) for the kitties.  I'd rather eat several meals a week of beans and rice and occasionally have grass-fed beef then eat lots of CAFO raised meat.
  I suppose I could spend all afternoon complaining about this stuff.  I hope you know what "GMO" and "CAFO" means, if you don't, please spend the next few seconds "googling" it .  Our food is so important, not just so that it keeps us alive, but actually does what it's meant to --provide vitality and healing.  If the food we eat isn't providing this, it is not performing one of its basic functions and ceases to be "food" in the proper sense.
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  1. I've made a point of only buying cane sugar because I'd heard about this before. But that was so long ago, I'd forgotten the *why* I only wanted the cane sugar, lol. In general I try to avoid GMO, but you know, it's so difficult unless you grow your own food, and then STILL you have to know where your seeds are coming from.

    BTW, I have updated my blog address and would like to update it on your profile list if you don't mind: (I used to be ).I'll add yours to my list of followed blogs, too.

    Have a great week!


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