Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Toddler Weaning Final Phase--We're Done!

Well, we've done it.  I am filled with both excitement and sadness.  This was/is the final phase of weaning slowly, so if you'd like to see how I'd started, see my other weaning posts.
  We had been nursing in the morning only for some time, so it seemed to me the next step was to wean completely.  I noticed a hormone shift a few months back (you know that brown color you get in pregnancy? Mine stayed until just a few months ago!), then another now that he would try to nurse, then squirm around and just irritate me. I actually wanted to wean--it was time.  On a similar note, I have been told that if you are trying to have another baby, some people cannot conceive while they are breast-feeding, even if they are years out from doing it like I am.
  I thought the only way I was doing this was if we were separated till I dried up, otherwise I was afraid I might cave in and let him nurse and ruin the whole thing.
  We sent him to Grandma's for 1 week.  He went to the pool, played with his cousins, all the while I chewed fresh sage leaves, 1 leaf, 3x a day for 3 days.  The first day I pumped maybe a 1/4 ounce off each breast to make sure I was comfortable and didn't get an mastitis/complications from being over-full.  I only had a couple instances of sharp pains in my boobs (like I experienced when cutting bed-time nursing).  Then they just stopped making milk. I don't think I was making much more than a couple ounces in the morning anyhow.  It was very easy and my son's homecoming was easy as well.  I am pleased to say he has been back with us one week now and has still not cried about not being able to nurse.  For months now we have been discussing how little boys and girls get too big after awhile, and their Mommies' milk dries up, so he knew it was coming.  A couple weeks before I sent him to Grandma's I also mentioned that he was getting really close to being too big, that it would be soon.  He was a little worried, but not very.  Then  we talked a bit about weaning presents.  When he got home we explained my milk was gone, but now he was big enough to get a weaning present! We took him to the store and he got to pick his out--a batman car that shoots fans into the air that hover--I even think it's cool.
  I am so proud of my Little Man, and I am glad that everything went smoothly.  I hope this works for others.  Sending your kid away for a week certainly isn't going to be doable for everyone and I think that definitely helped us, because it got him out of the habit of thinking he needed it in the first place.

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