Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bedtime Fits and Moving

Okay, so not a ton to write about and not a lot of time to write it...but, here it goes.
I've decided to make friends with the boxes that share my home with me.  They have their own culture and ambitions and things to do and eventually places to be.  In order to get along I have decided to box and let box, it's the only way...
  Who knows when we will be moving again? It feels pointless to get too wrapped up in the War with the Boxes.  I just wish they would move themselves into corners, or the garage.  They just sit there in the middle of the floor, right in my way, like they're pissed at me or something. I just step around them, there's no sense in causing a fight.
  The kiddo is taking the move fairly well, although now after the ruckus has calmed, his new bedtime has transitioned to10 pm which is NOT going to work. It is yet unclear though, how to get him to bed before this time without screaming, snot-flying fits that still result in the bed time being 10 pm. The only advice I can get is to start a routine, I wish kids were that simple.
 We'll try starting a more elaborate night ritual and see what happens. I'll let you know if it works, but I have to say right now it is hard to see how anything will work until our lives calm down a bit in like 2 years.
Here's to hope'n.

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